About Alexandre Maurer

Alexandre J. Maurer is a swiss musician, based in Berlin with a strong background in jazz drumming, sound design and electronic music.

During his study at the High School of Art in Bern, Alexandre went to New York in order to get a cultural inspiration. At this point the young drummer decided to dedicate his life to music.

Until now, as a drummer, he had the opportunity to play and collaborate with many differents artists from all over the world such as Black Cracker (US), Soweto Kinch (UK), Freda Goodlett (US), Solange La Frange (CH), Sandy Patton (US), Malcom Braff (CH), Marc Storace (CH) Ella Ronen (ISR) and Exhorbitantes Kabinett von Kaspar Ewald (CH) etc…

Alexandre already received several awards in Germany and a swiss grant for young talented musician delivered which allows him to study Music Technology at the NTNU in Norway.

After his study, the young man got an internship in Zürich by Hasting Audio Network and worked as a sound designer and production assistant for commercials.

In the beginning of 2013, Alexandre co-founded Tokyo Data Collective and took part in a new media short movie which was awarded at the International New Media Competition « No or New Future », and ended up the year with a three month residency at the Platoon Kunsthalle in Berlin.

His main activity is to exploring the different aspects of sound and music involving live shows, music productions, sound design, recording sessions, acoustic experiences, teaching and compositions.

At the moment, Alexandre is the producer of Kamikaze, compose music under the name of Arctic Joy, play the drums with Black Cracker, Ella Ronen, Florian Favre Trio, Anne Haight, and Kamikaze. He’s teaching also at the Konservatorium Bern.

Live Shows in Switzerland, Germany, Austria, France, Norway, Portugal, Italy, Holland, and Israël.